INFJs, ready to start your EPIC LIFE?

What is the INFJ EPIC LIFE Bootcamp?


  • 6 Weekly Youtube Livestreams with Wenzes ONLY available to INFJ EPIC LIFE BOOTCAMP Members

  • Weekly study materials and assignments

  • Private Facebook group

  • Lifetime access to all future boot camp rounds

  • Every single aspect is an offer, you decide what you want to take up. (Facebook group, assignments, etc.)

  • Wenzes teaches you hands-on the strategies necessary to instantly start creating your INFJ EPIC LIFE.

Countdown is ON - This is your chance to build your INFJ Epic Life on your terms


I invite all you beautiful, empathetic, and creatively-intelligent INFJs to come join us in the last boot camp of the year. Together - We will unlock the immense power and potential of your personalities. 

What you get?


  • These boot camps are all about community. Once you participate in this program – you are family. You get lifetime access to all the future boot camps.

  • Every true INFJ believes that real growth happens when we come together. Once you enroll for the course, you automatically are a part of our private Facebook group where we share our stories and support each other through our ordeals.

  • A stack of invaluable study material and assignments every week as you progress towards profoundness.

  • A dedicated hour of life-changing mentorship with me every week for six weeks straight. Here you get actionable insights and tools to best optimize the 5 central pillars to an INFJ Epic Life.

  • A money-back guarantee within 7 days of enrollment. If you don’t like what you get – your investment in yourself remains safe with us.

What it takes?

  • Less than 2 hours a week.

  • Less than 2 dollars a day. Yes, it costs you less than a coke bottle – And comes with a money-back guarantee. (You read that right)

  • A dash of dedication. A strike of courage. A YES to self.

Wondering, if this is for you?

  • This is not for you, if you are scared of change. This is FOR YOU – If you are all set to not be deterred by challenges anymore.

  • This is not for you if you still think that you are not enough for yourself. This is FOR YOU – If you are willing to live a life where the steering wheels of your life is in your hands, always!

  • This is not for you if you think a life of under-performance is ok for you. This is FOR YOU – If you want the wings of self-confidence, self-care, and self-sufficiency.

  • This is FOR YOU - If you are an INFJ personality type willing to harness the strengths of their gifts.

  • This is FOR YOU - If you have consumed nuggets of wisdom on my YouTube Channel and want to scoop out more goodness and greatness from my expertise and experience.

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Current Investment for the INFJ EPIC LIFE BOOT CAMP 1x $597 or 3 x $222 - join the waiting list to get an Early Bird Offer

Dear INFJs,

I am happy that you vested your trust and energy in me and my channel to help you progress and become your highest version. Taking this forward, through the INFJ Epic Life boot camp, I take you through the entire process of becoming a more confident ‘YOU’ in a methodical and seamless order. 

 Transformation and pain are not necessarily associated. With the right frame-of-mind, support from your fellow INFJs, and me by your side – we can push away every roadblock easily, one block at a time.  

 What I desire for every single one of you is that 6 weeks later, when you look at your changed-self, you can confirm that this progress is tangible and permanent.

 Love, Wenzes

Group Coaching Live Calls

Dates & Time

  • Saturdays 6pm CET, 12pm EST, 9am PST

Each week you will also receive all the material and assignments for the following week. The group coaching reruns will be added to the course shortly after each session.

Join the Boot Camp Waiting List

Current Investment for the INFJ EPIC LIFE BOOT CAMP 1x $597 or 3 x $222 - join the waiting list to get an Early Bird Offer

What INFJ participants have to say about the boot camp

“Thank you so much for showing me how to live an INFJ EPIC LIFE! ❤️ Truly transformational!”


“Bootcamp was a life changer. My happiness increased. My wealth increased. My health improved. My relationships improved. My comeback started and I am winning again. Great people like you have a community here. Find yourself and win BIG ”


“Hi Wenzes, I just wanted to thank you for our week 4 / pillar 3 YouTube coaching session today. I feel some big things shifting in my understanding of what we’ve been learning the last few weeks . . . it’s as if I am “owning” my INFJ personality at a deeper level and understanding deeper paradigms of what works and what doesn’t work as an INFJ. Thank you for continuing to turn our coaching session conversations back to core INFJ principles. It’s making the material sink in deeply into my belief structure, and I think that will have a permanent impact on how I live my best INFJ life. Gratefully, Hunter ”


“...loved the bootcamp! took so many insights and encouragement from it. was especially thrilled about three things: 1. we didn't only scratch on the surface but instead went for really deep, lasting change (e.g. by trying to establish some beneficial behavioral patterns that really help in getting more control over your life). 2. the chance to ask direct questions in the live-sessions and being able to share your own progress in them as well. 3. being held accountable to the goals you've set for yourself in the process - but always in a good, supportive and motivating way. can't recommend it highly enough!”


“I am happy that I participated in the EPIC LIFE Bootcamp with Wenzes. She always has this energy that motivates you to be a better version of yourself. I think that Bootcamp is a good opportunity to organize your thoughts and to find the proper way of slowly incorporating small changes in the lifestyle to eventually get much bigger changes. It was great to be looking forward to a group discussion day every week! Another thing to note is that this Bootcamp happened during the lockdown which was not an easy time, and it was an additional boost of inspiration for me. Thank you Wenzes!”


“Thank you so much for doing BootCamp!  Doing your Epic Life Masterclass with a group of like-minded souls made all the difference.  When I first went through the Epic Life Masterclass I had so many questions about where to start and how to make it all come together.  Pacing through the lessons with the group, hearing your expositions, the weekly assignments, hearing your answers to everyone’s questions and feedback was just what I needed.  It all makes so much more sense.  I’m glad you will be repeating BootCamp!  Thank you again. ”


“I highly recommend Bootcamp!  Wenzes' feedback and encouragement were really helpful for me! I greatly enjoyed the group and materials. Thank you so much, Wenzes!”


“Wenzes has dedicated her life to learning personal growth and maturity. Thanks to her encouragement through videos and the Bootcamp, I chose to re-connect with my long-neglected artistic ability, as well as applying her input on health, self-confidence, and other valuable insights.”


“Thank you Wenzes, I really understand now how small steps and goal setting can make a big impact in increasing energy. It was a great class for me !! 😊”


“Wenzes’ INFJ Bootcamp helped me upgrade in 3 major ways: One, was experiencing growth and reflection alongside other INFJs during the calls and through the FB Group. Second, was vibing off of the confidence and success that Wenzes brought to the table, which really showed me it's possible to get to these other levels. And finally, was the results I had in my own personal life through taking action in such well-thought-out structure that the 6 Week Bootcamp and 5 Pillars provided. THANK YOU!!!! :) ”


The Bootcamp has a 7 day no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love the Bootcamp, then no worries my friend – I’ll refund your money with no hard feelings. 

Curious about the next steps after enrollment?

Take a deep breath and relax. If this looks hard now – Rest assured, it’s going to change soon.

  • Get yourself a fresh journal and a new pen for the novel beginning.

  • Be open to suggestions from your peers and me.

  • Be open to suggesting and supporting, whenever you can, as well. Our boot camp is a collective exercise for the good of all.

  • If you can - do set your goals of what you would like to accomplish from this experience. If you can’t – don’t worry; we will figure this out together!

  • Ahh – And, don’t forget to bring your sense-of-humor in our meetings ;)

Join the Boot Camp Waiting List

Current Investment for the INFJ EPIC LIFE BOOT CAMP 1x $597 or 3 x $222 - join the waiting list to get an Early Bird Offer